Atelier d’Art GALA , 11, rue PRIGONDE 11170 ALZONNE, FRANCE

N°SIRET 316.080.902.00067

Proposes the sale of goods and items from a catalog accessible online.


Simply scroll through the items and specify the required quantity.
Prices are net to the date of the order, the fare is fixed

Delivery time:
The goods will be available for the UK, made by carrier or mail within about 5 days of receipt of Order and Regulations. Delivery times are indicative only. Possible delays due to force majeure, shall not give rise to an obligation to compensation or to justify a refusal of delivery.

The products and prices shown on the website of the atelier d'art GALA are valid within the limits of available stocks and do not give rise to any compensation in case of disruption or cancellation.


L'atelier d'art GALA reserves the right to suspend any order and any delivery in case of refusal to authorize payment by credit card or other payment by certified financial institution or in the event of non-payment and
or fraud and prosecute the perpetrator or perpetrators of the latter.


The sender reserves the right to use any means of delivery in accordance with time and expenses provided. The customer being the commander of the expedition, the goods ordered by our customers travel to their peril, even if the shipment made carriage.
The delivery will be deemed made ​​on the date of the first presentation of the goods to the delivery address specified by the customer when ordering. The client obligation to verify the conformity of the goods delivered at the time of delivery, before signing the delivery note.

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product compared to the purchase slip, damaged package, broken product ...) must be indicated on the delivery form of "handwritten reserves" with the customer's signature. the client must confirm this problem by sending the carrier within two business days following the date of delivery with acknowledgment mail receipt stating the claims.


Any complaints can be received within a maximum period of eight days after receipt of goods. We can not be held liable for damage or accidents involving our products, as well as any discrepancies resulting from their use. No claims will be allowed on processed products. No return Merchandise shall be made without our prior written consent, which consent implying no recognition. Returns must be made with FREE SHIPPING packaging. Goods subject to a special order (tissue sections) can not be returned or exchanged. If delivery fails, our liability is limited to replacement of the goods sold to the exclusion of all damages.

In case of any dispute, the commercial court of Carcassonne is competent and that, regardless of the provisions of the general conditions of purchases the buyer. Our provisions or accepted payments shall act as a substitution or Notwithstanding this jurisdiction clause.